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Outages, watermain breaks and service disruptions

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Bill inserts

Natural Gas

Kitchener Utilities is committed to delivering fair rates, and safe and reliable natural gas service to the citizens of Kitchener. Kitchener city council has approved natural gas rate changes effective Jan. 1, 2023.

The rate changes are:

  • Supply rate decrease to 20.85 cents per cubic metre for all customers.
  • For M1* customers, variable delivery rate increase to 9.2371 cents per cubic metre.
  • For M2* customers, variable delivery rate increase to 8.0023 cents per cubic metre.

 * M1 customers consume less than 50,000 cubic meters of gas annually.

* M2 customers consume greater than 50,000 cubic meters of gas annually.

The combined annual impact of the gas rate changes is expected to produce an increase of about $81 on the overall natural gas bill for 2023 for the average system gas residential customer, using 2,000 cubic meters annually.

Rental Water Heaters –

Effective January 1, 2023 Kitchener Utilities rental water heater rates are increasing by approximately $2.00 a month. The increase is necessary to cover the increased costs of tanks, materials, and labour.  Your new rental rate will appear on your February utility bill with January rental charges.

The rate increase is necessary to maintain service levels Kitchener Utilities customers have come to expect. You can count on your community-owned utility to continually provide great service at a fair price. 

Water, Sanitary and Stormwater Services -

You trust Kitchener Utilities for safe and reliable water services. We are proud to deliver on those expectations. By improving our water, sewer, and stormwater systems today, we will continue to meet those expectations for future generations. Through system updates, we will: lower maintenance costs over time; improve water quality, increase sewer reliability; and increase resiliency to extreme weather events. We appreciate your patience as we work on these essential improvements.

For the average residential customer, the combined rate change for water, sanitary and stormwater services is approximately $3.45/month.

Information is available upon request by emailing Kitchener Utilities at utilities@kitchener.ca or for billing inquiries call 519-741-2450.  Learn more at about the new rates at kitchenerutilities.ca/rates.


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