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Outages, watermain breaks and service disruptions

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Knowing the risks of spring melt flooding

Warmer temperatures are sure signs of spring, but they also mark the start of the spring melt. A sharp increase in temperature can melt snow and ice quickly and create localized flooding. Heavy rainfall can also contribute to increased risk.

Read our news release about how you can prepare for spring melt flooding.

Water Notice: Annual Water Quality Report on the City of Kitchener’s drinking water quality

The City of Kitchener would like to advise their residents that the annual report on their drinking water quality has been published. This report has been produced for the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks with our partner, the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. The report summarizes the results of bacteriological, physical and chemical tests that were conducted during the January 1st to December 31st, 2020 time period as required under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The report confirms that the City of Kitchener’s overall high quality drinking water meets all the health related Drinking Water Standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks.

The report is available on our water page.

We do not sell door-to-door
Learn how to protect yourself and recognize the signs

We have had reports of companies contacting residents by door-to-door and phone, offering to inspect or upgrade their water heater, offering duct cleaning, or to test their water quality. These companies are not affiliated with Kitchener Utilities or the City of Kitchener.

We do not use door-to-door marketing or telemarketers to:

  • sell our services
  • inspect gas furnaces
  • inspect water heaters
  • test your water quality
We will always contact you in advance to schedule a service time. If you don’t hear from Kitchener Utilities before someone arrives at your home, it is not us.

Call us anytime to verify if the person or company contacting you is from Kitchener Utilities at 519-741-2529, select option 3.

Find out more about door-to-door marketing by viewing our your safety page.

Bill inserts
April 2021
Call before you clear: here’s how to protect yourself

Instances of natural gas lines intersecting sewer lines are rare but they have been found across Ontario. Cross bores may
be present for years with no indication or immediate hazard prior to a sewer blockage. However, once clearing equipment is
used outside the walls of a building, there is potential for this equipment to damage a gas line.

Step 1. 

If you have a backed-up sewer, call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 before you or a plumber attempts to clear the line.
This service is free.

Step 2.

Ontario One Call will notify the service provider in your area who will verify within 1-2 hours if you do or do not have a cross bore
on your property.

Step 3. 

If there are no cross bores, clearing activities can proceed. If there is a potential cross bore, the appropriate utility will
be notified to fix the issue.

Call Ontario One Call before you clear at 1-800-400-2255 or visit on1call.com.

It's free. It's easy. It's safe.

Planning an outdoor project this season?

Before you dig, obey the law and call Ontario One Call 1-800-400-2255.

It is important to make sure any underground lines are found before your project begins to prevent hitting a utility line. Should a line, pipe or wire be impacted by a dig, it can cause serious damage, and may cause harm. Arrange your locates with a single call to Ontario One Call.

What types of projects require a call?

  • planting a new tree
  • making room for a pool
  • putting up a fence
  • building a deck
  • installing weeping tile
  • and many more…

Learn more about what types of projects require a locate before you dig by visiting on1call.com or by calling Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255.

Did you know?

Pool heater and barbecue lines are not covered by Ontario One Call. Water lines are located to the property line. Gas is located up to the meter. Lines that continue past these areas are considered private and will not be located by Ontario One Call. These are private lines and will need a private locator to mark this type of buried infrastructure.

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