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Outages, watermain breaks and service disruptions

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Bill inserts

Rental water heater rate change

Kitchener city council has approved a Kitchener Utilities rental water heater rate increase effective January 1, 2022. Your new rental rate will appear on your utility bill with January rental charges. The last rate change was two years ago.

The rate change is less than $1 a month for most customers.

This minimal increase helps to offset the cost of business over the past years, including significant cost increases in water heaters and parts.

For more information, please call 519-741-2626 and press 0.

Thank you for your continued business

Customers have told us the main reasons they rent from Kitchener Utilities are for convenience and the high level of customer service we provide. The rate increase is necessary to maintain service levels Kitchener Utilities customers have come to expect. You can count on your community-owned utility to continually provide great service at a fair price. We are committed to delivering the citizens of Kitchener with safe and reliable hot water services.

Snow and ice alert

We’re all aware of the damage that freezing rain, snow and ice build-up can cause. Monitor snow and ice build-up on or around your gas meter and exhaust vents. Keep snow and ice clear from the gas meter and exhaust vents. This will allow a consistent flow of natural gas to the appliances, ensure proper venting of your fuel-burning appliances and lower the risk of natural gas build up in your home. If there is a fire hydrant near your home, make sure the hydrant is clear and accessible in case there is an emergency.

How you can help avoid a problem:

  • use a broom or a car brush to remove snow from your exhaust vents and gas meter.
  • keep all your vents and meter clear.
  • maintain a clear path to your meters.
  • never kick your vents, meter or piping to clear snow or ice build-up.
  • avoid damaging your vents or meter with a shovel, plow or a snow blower. If a fire hydrant is located close by, avoid piling snow on top and keep clear for visibility purposes.
  • please remove icicles from your overhead eavestrough and watch for build-up of freezing rain or water dripping onto your meter. If there is an extremely large build-up on the meter, do not chip it off, call us as there is no charge for ice removal.

Got a problem? Suspect a problem? Please call us immediately at 519-741-2529 and select option 3.

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