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Outages and service disruptions

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Council endorses guiding principles for Kitchener Utilities clean energy transition strategy  

Council endorsed guiding principles with related objectives to help guide work for the Kitchener Utilities clean energy transition strategy. The principles with aligned intentions and objectives were informed by extensive engagement and a high-level environmental scan. The next phase of work will use the principles to assess different business options. Kitchener Utilities’ natural gas delivery business is preparing to evolve to respond to global energy industry changes and align with the City’s and the community’s climate change commitments. Read the full report here

You can learn about the transition by visiting engagewr.ca/KUtransition

Bill inserts

Natural gas supply rate change effective May 1, 2024

Starting May 1, 2024 the gas supply rate will decrease by 5.07 cents per cubic metre.

The new supply rate is 11.63 cents per cubic metre.

The impact of the supply rate change is expected to produce a decrease of about $80 in 2024 compared to the previous year for the average system gas residential customer*.

Kitchener Utilities takes a disciplined approach to buying natural gas, and does not make a profit on the gas supply program, it is operated at cost.

*The average residential customer uses 2,000 cubic metres of natural gas annually. System gas customers are those that participate in Kitchener Utilities’ gas supply program. This is the default supply option. 

Use water wisely this summer

Following the Water Conservation By-law helps avoid straining our water supply system, ensuring there is enough water for everyone.  Restrictions are in effect every year from May 31 to September 30.

You can water your lawn once a week on your assigned day between 5:30 to 10 a.m. and 7 to 11 p.m.

Addresses ending with:

0 or 1 water lawns on Mondays

2 or 3 water lawns on Tuesdays

4 or 5 water lawns on Wednesdays

6 or 7 water lawns on Thursdays

8 or 9 water lawns on Fridays

You can water by can, bucket or rain barrel anytime!

Did you know?

• You can apply for a watering permit to put new seed, sod or nematodes on your lawn.

• You can water gardens or wash cars with a hose on alternate days.

To learn more, call 519-575-4400 or visit www.regionofwaterloo.ca/WaterBylaw

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