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Outages, watermain breaks and service disruptions

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Kitchener Utilities Natural Gas Supply Rate Change for August 1, 2022 

Council approved a rate change increase to Kitchener Utilities’ natural gas supply rate to 21.45 cents per cubic metre effective Aug. 1, 2022.  The impact of the rate change is expected to result in an increase of about $40 on the overall bill until the end of 2022 for the average residential customer (consuming 2,100 cubic metres annually). Kitchener Utilities uses a disciplined approach to buying natural gas, and the supply program is operated at cost.  Kitchener Utilities is committed to delivering rate stability for customers. As natural gas prices are rising, implementing a rate change now avoids a significant rate spike in 2023. 

Information is available upon request by contacting Kitchener Utilities at utilities@kitchener.ca.

Bill inserts

Natural gas smells bad for a good reason

While natural gas is one of the safest fuels, small leaks can sometimes occur. Because natural gas is odourless and colourless in its pure state, we add a scent called mercaptan to give it rotten egg or sulphur smell so leaks can be detected.


• DON’T hit switches,use a phone, smoke or create any other source of ignition;

• DO exit your home immediately;

• DO call 911 from outside or a neighbour’s home

Learn more at www.kitchenerutilities.ca/gasleaks

Hot water, hassle free

When you rent a water heater with Kitchener Utilities, you get:

• Reliable, local service you can trust.

• Low rental rates that add up to big savings over the lifespan of your tank.

• Confidence renting the right water heater for your home with many options to choose from.

• Helpful customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• NO unexpected repair costs.

Feel the difference local makes

Kitchener Utilities has been your community utility service provider for more than 100 years. As a local company, we pride ourselves in putting our customers first. Rent your water heater with Kitchener Utilities, and count on safe and reliable service at a fair price

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