If you are a property owner or tenant, you can apply to open a natural gas or water account with us.

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On this page:

1. Property owner new account set-up
2. Tenant new account set-up

Property owner new account set-up

1. Before you apply, have the following information ready:

  • personal contact information
  • legal possession date
  • lawyer's name
  • lawyer's phone number
  • if you are moving to another property in Kitchener, you will need your existing Kitchener Utilities account information

2. Complete the water or natural gas new account form online or contact us by phone at 519-741-2450 to set-up your new account.

3. We will begin to process your account when we receive your information.

A $41+HST administration fee applies for new accounts or if you are transferring your account within Kitchener.

Tenant new account set-up

To open a tenant account for water and/or natural gas service to your home or business, follow these steps:

1. Before you apply, make sure you have all the information you need to complete the application form including:

  • full names of all tenants responsible for service and present for signing off
  • possession date
  • existing Kitchener Utilities account (if you are moving to another property within Kitchener)
  • personal contact information
  • one image of a piece of ID for each tenant signing the contract (e.g. driver’s license, age of majority card, passport, birth certificate).  Acceptable file types are pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif.  Size is limited to 5 MB maximum for each image.

2. Complete the online application form. Online transactions can take up to 14 days, please make sure enough notice is provided. If you do not have access to complete the form online, contact us at 519-741-2450.

Residential deposits are required to open new accounts. These deposits may be waived if you choose to opt into, and are approved for, our pre-authorized payment plan.

Residential deposits are:

  • $150 for a gas account
  • $50 for a water account

Non-residential deposits vary depending on building type, size of building and/or consumption history. Contact Revenue Customer Service by phone at 519-741-2450 or by email to find out more information.

A $41+HST administration fee will apply for new accounts or if you are transferring an account within Kitchener.

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