Natural gas is a safe and efficient fuel for providing a heat source to homes for home heating, water heaters, appliances, fireplaces, pool heaters, barbeques and more.

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1. Advantages of natural gas
2. Apply for natural gas
3. Rates and rebates
4. Gas meter access
5. Gas meter removal and replacement

Advantages of natural gas

1. Cost-effective

Natural gas is the most cost-effective fuel choice for heating your home in Kitchener. Look for “Energy Star” qualified home appliances to help save money on your heating costs.

2. Environmentally friendly

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. When burned, it releases less carbon monoxide than coal and oil, for cleaner air both inside and outside of your home.

3. Multiple uses

Natural gas can be used for more than just home heating. A licensed natural gas service professional can add connections for indoor appliances such as a dryer, fireplace, water heater, or range. Outdoor appliances such as a barbecue or pool heater can also be converted to natural gas.

For more information about the benefits of natural gas, contact us by email.

Apply for natural gas

To apply for natural gas service:

  1. Review our Conditions of Service document for all gas servicing, meter requirements and billing information for new gas service connections and changes to your existing gas service.
  2. Review our residential gas line information document for a detailed step-by-step process on how to get a natural gas line installed.
    1. Contact a licensed heating contractor to apply for your gas service and supply and install your new heating system. Your contractor will submit the natural gas application on your behalf. You can find licensed heating contractors in Kitchener by visiting the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) website.

For more information on applying for natural gas, contact us by phone at 519-741-2600 ext. 4214 or by email.

  • the gas meter must be easily accessible and visible for meter readings and emergencies

  • the gas meter may not be installed behind a house, behind bushes, or behind a gate or fence

  • gas lines installed in or beside a driveway within 4ft must have an impact barrier installed by us. Charges will apply.

 Installation timing

Natural gas line installation is six to eight weeks under normal conditions, or up to six months for addresses on regional roads.

Delays may occur for the following reasons:

  • locates needed

  • volume of services

  • construction conditions

  • frost conditions

  • Municipal permits

Natural gas service area

View our natural gas service area map.

If you require an accessible format, contact us by phone at 519-741-2529 or TTY at 1-866-969-9994.

Rates and rebates


Learn more about our natural gas rates and fees.

Current Offers

Gas meter access

We read your water and gas meters monthly. You need to ensure that your meter is always accessible for reading. Gas meters are normally located outside of the home.

Having easy access to your meter ensures:

  • regular monthly meter readings and accurate charges
  • we can perform regular maintenance on your meters
  • access to shut off valves that allow us to keep you safe and respond to emergencies quickly

Gas meter removal and replacement

Gas meter removal
  1. Locate your meter serial numbers. You can find your meter serial numbers by viewing the steps in our locating your meter serial numbers document.
  2. Complete the gas meter removal form and submit it by email.

If you need your natural gas service to be disconnected due to a renovation or home addition, complete the gas and water disconnection request form and submit it by email.

There is a standard gas service disconnection fee. If the service is currently steel, a fee of $2,080 plus HST will apply and if the service is plastic, $1,560 plus HST will apply and is billable to the property owner. 

If the meter removal is required as a part of a demolition, contact the Building Division to request a Demolition Permit by phone at 519-741-2443.

If you require the billing of a gas meter to be transferred to a tenant, contact the Revenue Division by phone at 519-741-2450 or by email.

Gas meter replacement program

We provide ongoing gas meter inspections and exchanges in order to deliver you safe and reliable gas service. When it is time to replace your meter, we will send you a letter stating you require a replacement, or we need access to the meter for an inspection.

There is no cost associated with this program. Gas meter replacement is mandatory to ensure your safety. 

We contract Lakeside Gas Services to complete this work on our behalf. Once you receive your letter, follow these steps:

  1. Book an appointment online or call Lakeside Gas Services at 1-866-496-6583.
  2. Make sure there is clear, ample access around your gas meter for your appointment.
  3. For more information about this program contact us by phone at 519-741-2529, or by email.

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