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1. Investing in water and sewer
2. Rates and fees
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Investing in water and sewer

We take pride in delivering you reliable water services you can count on. By replacing old water and sewer pipes, you will benefit from:

  • improved water quality and sewer reliability
  • fewer watermain breaks and sewer backups
  • reduced risk of flooding
  • lower operating and maintenance costs over time

Investment in the city’s infrastructure is required now as aging portions of our systems need to be replaced.

Rates and fees


2021 - $2.5045 per cubic metre


2021 - $3.1546 per cubic metre

The minimum charge for water and sewer is calculated at 1/10 mper day.

The rate increases, which also includes the Region of Waterloo's costs, is due to substantial pressures beyond the city's control, including:

  • aging infrastructure
  • declining water consumption
  • regional rate increases for water and sewer
  • strict legislative requirements

For more information about your water and sewer rates, you can contact our billing department by phone at 519-741-2450 or by email.

Save water and money

Learn how to conserve your water use inside and outside your home, reduce your water bills, and look for water leaks by visiting our save & conserve page.

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