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Rates and fees

Rental water heater rates vary depending on the unit you choose.

If you are looking to rent a tankless water heater,  you must have a working and maintained salt water softener, and the registered owner must reside at the property.

If you have questions about our rates or how to choose a rental water heater, contact us by phone at 519-741-2626, or by email. We will send a qualified contractor to suggest the right unit and the necessary installation requirements for your home.

Rental water heater rates 
Water Heater ModelEnergy Factor EF Rating*Rental RateThermostatic Mixing Valve Rental RateTotal Monthly Rental Rate (Tank & valve)

Natural Gas Models


0.62 $19.80 $1.25 $21.05
50-R-FV 0.61 $20.10 $1.25 $21.35
60-R-FV 0.59 $20.70 $1.25 $21.95
75-R-FV 0.65 $24.75 $1.25 $26.00
40-PV-FV 0.67 $25.99 $1.25 $27.24
50-PV-FV 0.67 $26.58 $1.25 $27.83
60-PV-FV 0.67 $30.90 $1.25 $32.15
75-PV-FV 0.65 $32.59 $1.25 $33.84
50-DV-FV 0.59 $24.89 $1.25 $26.14
50-PV-DV 0.67 $29.14 $1.25 $30.39
ENVIROSENSE 0.94 $51.59 $1.25 $52.84
50-PV-FV-H 0.70 $29.14 $1.25 $30.39
TANKLESS 95-DVN 0.96 $40.04 N/A $40.04
Electric Models
40-ELEC 51-89 EnerGuide $15.75 $1.25 $17.00
60-ELEC 51-89 EnerGuide $17.25 $1.25 $18.50

 *Rental water heater rates are effective January 1, 2024.  A 13 percent harmonized sales tax rate applies to all pricing listed. Depending on the type of unit and venting requirements, additional installation costs may apply. Additional models are available. Ratings vary slightly by manufacturer.

 Types of water heaters (legend)
R: Conventional

Used when there is an existing chimney and the heater can be vented to the outside through the chimney.

FV: Flammable vapour tank

ELEC: Electric tank

Can be installed almost anywhere in your home and does not require venting compared to natural gas tanks.

PV: Power-vented

Vents to the outside through a wall in the home when there is no existing chimney. It can be located up to 50 equivalent feet from an outside wall. A blower motor is located on top of the water heater to vent products of combustion gases to the outside. This type of tank requires electricity to operate the blower motor.

DV: Direct-vented

If located within eight feet of an exterior wall, it can be vented horizontally through the outside wall. This unit does not require a blower motor and uses outside air for combustion.

TANKLESS: Tankless/on demand water heater

Small and space-saving, this unit heats water only when needed. It should be located close to an exterior wall and is directly vented through an outside wall of a home.

Condensing Rental Water Heater Rebate Program

With a condensing rental water heater, you could:

  • qualify for a bill credit of $400
  • save up to 25 percent on your hot water heating
  • save space in your home
  • see increased energy efficiency
  • 0.80 energy factor condensing model or higher
Apply for condensing water heater rebate

Rental water heater buy-out

You can choose to buy-out your rental water heater by contacting us by phone at 519-741-2626.

Buying out your water heater means:

  • you agree to accept the rental water heater and any thermostatic mixing valve in "as is" condition (subject to the balance of any transferable manufacturer's warranty)
  • you assume sole responsibility for the water heater and the thermostatic mixing valve, including repair and maintenance
  • you pay the buy-out price when invoiced

Apply for a rental water heater

Apply for a rental water heater

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