Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable services at low and stable rates.

We are responsible for making recommendations to Kitchener City Council regarding natural gas rates. Our recommendations are based on:

  • our costs to purchase natural gas
  • current and future infrastructure maintenance costs

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2. Annual natural gas charges rate calculator
3. Federal Carbon Pricing Program
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Rates and fees

 Understanding your rates
Supply rates include: The rate charged for natural gas commodity, fuel, administration and transportation for bringing the natural gas to Ontario. This rate applies to customers supplied by Kitchener Utilities only.

Delivery rates include: 

  • delivery rates
  • variable delivery rate
  • daily fixed charge
  • recovery cost to maintain, repair and upgrade the delivery system
  • meter reading and billing

Federal Carbon Charge:  As of April 2019, a charge for the Federal Government's Carbon Charge Program will appear on your natural gas bill.

General M1 Customer: Annual consumption less than 50,000 m3

General M2 Customer: Annual consumption greater than 50,000 m3

Rates for general M1 customers

Annual consumption less than 50,000 m3

Amount of Natural Gas Used Per MonthSupply Rate ¢/m3Variable Delivery Rate ¢/m3Federal Carbon Charge ¢/m3Net Rate ¢/m3Daily Fixed Charge
All volume - m3 11.63 10.7371 15.25 37.6171 76 ¢/day

m3=cubic metres

Rates for general service M2 customers

Annual consumption greater than 50,000 m3

Amount of Natural Gas Used Per Month Supply Rate ¢/m3 Variable Delivery Rate ¢/m3 Federal Carbon Charge ¢/m3 Net Rate ¢/m3 Daily Fixed Charge
All volume - m3 11.63 9.5023 15.25 36.3823 $2.45/day

m3=cubic metres

Contact us by phone at 519-741-2450, or by email if you have questions about your natural gas rates.

If you purchase your gas from another retailer and have questions about your rate, contact your broker directly. Their name and phone number will be listed on your utility bill.

Annual natural gas charges calculator

You can use our calculators to estimate your bill or to see how your bill may look with other gas and transportation rates.

You can enter your own annual consumption, or use the “average annual consumption for residential customers” option.

Federal Carbon Pricing Program

Ontario must comply with the Federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act. Learn more about the Federal Carbon Pricing Program from the Government of Canada.

How does this impact you? 

As of April 1, 2019 all natural gas sold in Ontario is subject to a carbon charge under the Federal Government's Carbon Pricing Program.

We bill, collect, and remit these charges on behalf of the government.

You will receive a Canada Carbon Rebate payment after filing your annual tax return.


Effective April 1, 2024 the Federal Carbon Charge will increase to 15.25 cents per cubic metre of natural gas used.  You will see this new rate on your utility bill effective April 1, 2024 that says "Federal Carbon Charge”.

We estimate that the annual federal carbon charge from April 2024 to March 31, 2025, for the average residential customer (who uses 2,000 cubic metres of natural gas annually), will be approximately $305. This is an annual increase of $57 compared to last year’s charges.


The Federal Carbon Charge will not apply to facilities that are registered in the Output-Based Pricing System (OBPS) and hold an exemption certificate issued by the federal government.  If your business qualifies for exemption, you can submit a request to us by completing the Federal Carbon Charge Facility Exemption Form.

Learn more about the Output-Based Pricing System from the Government of Canada. 

Kitchener Utilities Fuel Charge Exemption Certificate

All applicable contracting parties can use the Kitchener Utilities Fuel Charge Exemption Certificate so Kitchener Utilities can be exempt from the Federal Carbon Charge.

Save energy and money

Learn how to conserve energy use in your home and reduce your natural gas bill by visiting our save & conserve page.

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