If you will be excavating near natural gas lines, review the Kitchener Utilities work procedure for excavation near pipelines for important safety information.

On this page:

1. Switch to gas/apply for gas service
2. Apply for a gas meter set
3. Apply for a water meter
4. Request a gas service final inspection
5. Remove a water or gas meter
6. Disconnect water or gas services

Switch to gas/apply for gas service

If you are a builder or heating contractor, review the following information to apply for new natural gas service. The following steps are for existing homes switching to gas services.

How to apply

There are minimum usage requirements that include a natural gas furnace, or an appliance used as the certified primary heat source for the building. 

1. Review the residential gas service information document which outlines the following information:

  • Costs and fees
  • Gas meter location restrictions
  • Steps for getting natural gas service to your project
  • Gas service application
  • Grading finalization
  • Mark meter location
  • Pre-construction inspection
  • Call before you dig
  • Gas service installation
  • Gas meter application
  • Gas meter installation and appliance inspection
  • Repairs to the property

2. Login to your Builders Account/submit your application

Login to your account to request new gas service or complete and submit the converting from another fuel source to natural gas application by email or by fax to 519-741-2638.

If you have questions on switching to gas, setting up a new account, or the application process, contact us by phone at 519-741-2600 ext. 4214.

Due to the volume of service requests, installation is about six to eight weeks from when the application is submitted and could take up to six months if on a regional road. If there is a delay, you will be notified.

We highly recommend that a licensed heating contractor applies for a new gas service on behalf of the homeowner.

Costs and fees
 Aid to construction fees

An aid to construction fee will apply for customers converting from another fuel source to natural gas. The aid to construction fee of a standard gas service connection ranges from approximately $636 - $2,500 plus applicable taxes per service.

All new gas service applications received on or after January 1, 2019 will be subject to an economic evaluation and taking into consideration the following factors: length of service (service length up to 18m), gas main material type, road crossing, welder and drill.

We will be in contact with the customer after the gas application is received and the cost will be required before installing the gas service.

 Seasonal frost charges

Frozen ground generally takes twice as much time to excavate and makes it more likely that other construction alternatives may be required. As a result, seasonal frost charges are applied to any gas services installed during the winter months. Seasonal frost charges are applied to:

  • applications submitted between November 15 and February 28

  • gas installations completed between December 15 and March 31

The seasonal frost charge of $400 plus applicable taxes per service is calculated based on a typical length of service of 18m in these conditions.

Applications received prior to November 15 will not incur frost charges, regardless of whether frost is in the ground when the service is installed.

Applications received after November 15 will be charged $400 plus applicable taxes prior to the service being installed. If the actual frost charge incurred was less than $400, a rebate will be provided. If the actual frost charge incurred was greater than $400, no further charges will apply.


Depth of frost (measured when service is installed) Cost per linear metre of pipe installed
150-300 mm $14.53
301-450 mm $18.52
451-600 mm $24.35
601-750 mm $24.83
751-900 mm $26.61
901-1050 mm $39.01
1051-1200 mm $56.76


Apply for a gas meter set

1. Before filling out the meter set request form, ensure that the following has been completed:

  • gas service installed
  • gas piping
  • manifold (if applicable)
  • appliances and thermostat installed, all are accessible and operational
  • hydro is working and the pressure test tag is posted

 If we are unable to set the meter as a result of these items being incomplete, an hourly service call fee will be billed to you. 

2. Complete and submit the meter set request form online or by email.

Costs and fees

The one-time meter set fee of $155.76 plus applicable taxes is charged for all new gas meter installations.

Apply for a water meter

1. Email us at watermetershop@kitchener.ca to request a water meter application form.

2. Have your plumber review the meter installation requirements.

Water meters are provided by appointment only. Email us and complete the water meter request form to arrange a pick up. 

If you have questions regarding water meters, view the City of Kitchener Development Manual and review the Kitchener Utilities forms section, or contact the Water Meter Shop by phone at 519-741-2600 ext.4537.

If you require a new water or sewer service, please our development webpage or contact by phone 519-741-2406 or email.

Request a gas service final inspection

We are responsible for inspecting all gas appliances that are installed in the home prior to occupancy. A final inspection must be completed.

Once your gas meter is installed and you require a final inspection, complete and submit a final inspection request online or by email.

All appliances that will be present at the time of occupancy must be present and initiated by the builder’s licensed contractor. If a forced air furnace is present, the completion of a finishing heat activation form is required.  Once the final inspection is complete and successful, the “Final Inspection Required” seal will be removed from the meter and a “Final Inspection Approved” seal will be applied to the primary heating appliance and /or the gas meter. This approval seal is needed to assist in granting an occupancy certificate.

If the final Inspection fails, an applicable minimum service charge will apply.

To review a drawing for the gas meter installation, refer to drawing D12.101.

Remove a water or gas meter

Locate the serial number of your meter. Read the locating water and gas meter serial numbers document on how to locate your serial numbers.

Complete and submit the meter removal form for a temporary meter removal or if switching from natural gas to another fuel source. If there is no intent on reinstalling the meter, both the meter and the service will be disconnected. For a meter removal, the hourly service call fee will apply. 

If the meter removal is required as a part of a demolition, please contact the Building Division by phone at 519-741-2443 to request a Demolition Permit. 

Disconnect water or gas services

If you require gas and/or water services to be disconnected for a building addition, demolition, or renovation, complete the gas and water disconnection request form

There is a standard gas service disconnection fee. If the service is currently steel, a fee of $2,080 plus HST will apply and if the service is plastic, $1,560 plus HST will apply and is billable to the property owner. 

If you require the billing of a meter to be transferred to a tenant, contact the Revenue Division by phone at 519-741-2450 or by email.

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