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Save and Conserve

At Kitchener Utilities we are committed to providing customers with options to save money and energy. There are many benefits that come from using less energy, gas and water, not to mention reduce the overall waste of our valuable resources.

There are some small changes you can make in your home to help reduce the amount of energy and water your home is using. Not only will you be reducing the resources you use, but you can also save money on your monthly utility bills.

We will provide you with tips that can help you be more efficient with your energy sources at home, while reducing the cost of your annual utility bills.

By taking greater steps to preserve the environment through water and energy conservation, you can achieve savings on your utility bills.

Conservation Rebate Programs

Home reno rebate program

As a result of the partnership ending between the Government of Ontario and Union Gas, Kitchener Utilities customers, along with customers who heat their home with oil, propane, and wood, will no longer be eligible to participate in the Home Reno Rebate program effective NOVEMBER 1, 2018. You must have a pre-renovation energy assessment completed by OCTOBER 31, 2018 and have the post-renovation assessment completed within 120 days.

Commercial Customer Rebate Programs

For industrial, commercial or institutional (ICI) customers, if you are planning to make changes in your facility to upgrade your equipment that saves natural gas and reduces your carbon footprint, please email us for current offerings.