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Energy Saving Tips

Saving money and energy

Saving money and energy is important to all of us. Here are a few small tips that can help you save on your utility bills..

  • Switch out your light bulbs from incandescent to compact fluorescent;
  • Weatherstrip and caulk around all windows and doors to seal out drafts;
  • Increase insulation where appropriate, such as in your attic or walls;
  • Use area rugs to cozy up chilly floor;
  • Open drapes or blinds to let the sun heat your home during the winter, and keep drapes closed during the summer;
  • When practical, opt for smaller appliances (electric kettle, toaster oven, or microwave) rather than using your stove;
  • Clean or replace your furnace filter monthly to improve efficiency;
  • Defrost your freezer regularly to keep it working at its best;
  • Have your furnace checked annually to ensure that it is working safely and efficiently.

For more great ways to help make your home more energy efficient, consider booking a home energy evaluation with REEP.

More ways to save

Upgrading your appliances can help save you in the long run. When shopping for new appliances we suggest considering both the short and long term cost. Although the short term cost of purchasing may be higher, there are long term benefits that include saving money and energy.

Here are some ways to help you find the right energy efficient appliance for your home:

  • Compare the EnerGuide labels to see how much energy each model consumes in one year. A slightly more expensive model with a substantially lower EnerGuide number will be a better cost-saving option in the long run
  • Look for ENERGY STAR-qualified models, which are much more efficient than conventional models
  • Check out our current promotions. You may be eligible for immediate savings on your natural gas appliance purchase