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Rental Water Heater Switch and Save Program

Switch from another provider to Kitchener Utilities

Kitchener residents, if you're currently renting your water heater from another provider, we have a great offer for you! By switching to a Kitchener Utilities rental water heater, you can save up to hundreds of dollars over the lifespan of your tank!

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Switch to Kitchener Utilities today through one of the following:

The video below shows how Kitchener Utilities offers reliable rental water heaters.

In case that hasn't caught your attention - if you make the switch now, we will give you:

  • An on-bill credit for three months of FREE rent.
  • An on-bill credit of $105. An additional $200 on-bill credit, if you decide to switch to a tankless water heater with a higher energy efficiency rating than your current water heater.*

**Excess charges may apply if upgrades are required to meet regulated safety standards**

Learn more about our rental water heater program.

Program available to City of Kitchener residential property registered owners for a limited time.