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Water Quality in Kitchener 

At Kitchener Utilities, we are committed to supplying drinking water you can count on.

We work with the City of Kitchener, the Region of Waterloo, and the citizens of our city so we can maintain the high quality drinking water you have come to expect.

Safe drinking water

The below video shows what we do to ensure your water is safe. 

To learn more about the quality of Kitchener's drinking water, the Region of Waterloo is your direct source.

All water distributed in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo system must meet high levels of quality legislated by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. While the Region maintains the quality of water, Kitchener Utilities maintains the system and provide the service that delivers fresh drinking water to your home or workplace.

Water Quality Reports are available for consumers through the water services division of the Region of Waterloo. You can read more about how the water cleaning process works, as well how to contact the region for more information.

City of Kitchener Water Distribution System 2019 Annual Report

More information about water quality in the Region of Waterloo

What is total dissolved solids (TDS) in water?

The water is safe to drink. TDS or total dissolved solids only affects the water's taste, odour and look; it is not health-related. TDS refers to mainly the inorganic substances dissolved in water, principally chloride, sulphates, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates. 

The drinking water source in Kitchener is approximately 80 per cent groundwater. Our groundwater is hard, meaning there is naturally occurring dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. On heating, hard water has a tendency to form scale deposits and can form excessive scum with regular soaps. There is no health-related guideline for water hardness.  Systems with high hardness also have high TDS.

Your water is safe to drink; you do not need to purchase a treatment system to make the water safe.