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Meter Removal

If you'd like to request to remove your gas or water meter, please complete the meter removal form and submit to Kitchener Utilities.

We will require the serial number of your meter. A step by step document is available to assist you in locating your gas and water meter serial numbers.

If you require the billing of a meter to be transferred to a tenant, please contact Revenue Division at 519-741-2450 or

If the meter removal is required as a part of a demolition, please contact Building Division to request a Demolition Permit at 519-741-2443. If you require your natural gas service to be disconnected due to a renovation, please complete the Gas and Water Disconnection request form

Please complete the meter removal form and email it the form to or fax to 519-741-2789.

If you require your gas or water service disconnected for a renovation or an addition, please complete this form