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Fire hydrant flow test

Flow testing from water hydrants is required to determine how much water is obtainable during a fire emergency.  Fire hydrant flow tests determine the flow rate and pressure at a given location in the water distribution system.

Requesting a fire hydrant flow test

If you require information about the volume or pressure of a City of Kitchener fire hydrant, you can either request a fire hydrant flow test or request results from a previous test.

Kitchener Utilities can provide information from our previous tests for free, if there is one on file. To request results from a past hydrant flow test, please email

If you require a new hydrant flow test, please have your contractor call our service department at 519-741-2529. The contractor must provide all equipment to perform the flow test and ensure it's in good working order. Hydrant socks must be used during the test and the contractor must supply them. It is the responsibility of the contractor to complete the flow test. 

Kitchener Utilities will operate the hydrants to help facilitate the flow test. In the event the contractor does not provide the necessary equipment, Kitchener Utilities will supply and bill the contractor the fire flow charge fee, as per the City of Kitchener fee schedule.  However, Kitchener Utilities will not complete the flow test.

There is no cost to operate the hydrants during regular business hours, provided the requester emails a copy of the flow tests to Kitchener Utilities and Kitchener Utilities does not have a recent test for the area. 

Please note - depending on the affected area, after-hours work may be required and in these situations a fire flow charge will be applicable.

Fire hydrant flow tests are conducted between the months of May and October and weather permitting.