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The water we deliver to your home is supplied by the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. The Region is responsible for the water supply and water treatment. We share responsibility with the Region to regularly test water and ensure that we are meeting or exceeding the standards set out by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

Our role at Kitchener Utilities is to safely and efficiently deliver water to Kitchener residents. We are also responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of pipes and valves that keep our community's water flowing.

The below video shows how our water systems work together to provide safe and reliable service.

With over 60,000 customers, we are proud to provide you with quality drinking water. We will continue to build a community-owned utility that serves the needs of Kitchener residents - and one that you can be proud to be part of.

For more information about your water, visit www.regionofwaterloo.ca

Looking for information on how hard your water is?

Visit the Region of Waterloo's website for information to view a water softener buying guide and find out the water hardness level for your area.