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Water Leaks

Have a water leak and need to know who to call?

Many homeowners find it difficult to know where to start, or who to call when a water leak occurs. The following information may help you better understand who to contact for the type of leak that you may experience at your home, and where the responsibility falls when there is a leak. 

It's all about leak location

Leaks that occur from the water shut-off valve to the home, fall onto the homeowner's responsibility. (the water shut-off valve is often visible at the end of the driveway or nearby the property line.) The water shut-off valve to and public property is the responsibility of the City. (See image below)

If the leak is outside, call the City to determine the leak location.

Curb stop or water valve found on or near driveway on properties

When to call a plumber:

  • a leak has occurred underground involving the piping that attaches to the main valve at the water stop on the private side (or the owner's side) of the property.
  • a leak has occurred at the shut-off valve, the piping up to the meter, or the piping after the meter

If any leaks should occur within these areas, it is recommended to contact a plumber to assess your leak and determine your best course of action for repair. 

When to call the City:

  • Leaks that occur beyond the water shut-off to the public side of the property, is the responsibility of the City. (the photo below of a curb stop / water shut-off, the valve itself demonstrates pipe responsibility).
  • If the valve cannot be turned off, or if it is leaking, it is our responsibility to repair.
  • Leak at the meter (contain leak in bucket and contact us at 519-741-2529, option 3.)

A Water Leak Adjustment Policy has been approved which offers limited financial relief for residential customers who qualitfy under the terms of the policy.  Customers who have repaired a water leak which resulted in a bill with twice their average consumption, and for greater than 18 cubic meters of water may be eligible for an adjustment.  The full details are included in our Water Leak Adjustment Policy.

To apply for a water leak adjustment please complete the online form for a Water Leak Adjustment Request.  Or you can print the PDF version of the Water Leak Adjustment Request form to complete and submit it.

A few tips that may be helpful:

  • Regularly repair and maintain all points where water is connected to the home.  
  • ensure that the inside water valve is in good working order. This will allow the City to complete replacement of the water meter when required.
  • Aging pipes and long freezing periods can result in pipe bursts. Look to understand the age of the pipes on the property side to assess potential costs that can be associated should pipe work need to be done.
  • Have piping inspected to ensure proper working conditions

The photo below is of a curb stop / water shut-off, the valve itself is the City of Kitchener's responsibility.Photo of private and city water connection

Plumbers are not permitted to operate the shut-off valve, they must contact the City of Kitchener (519-741-2529, option 3) to arrange for operation. The area from the shut-off valve to the main watermain is also the City of Kitchener's responsibility. If there is a leak on this section of pipe, we will repair it. 

Please note: Under the Municipal Code, a building permit is required for any repairs / replacement of your water service. For more information on building permits, please contact 519-741-2433.

Any questions regarding water and your bill, please contact 519-741-2450.