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Water Pressure

If you are experiencing water pressure problems, there are a few things you can do to help to determine the nature of the problem. There are several common water pressure causes that may be a result of an internal issue. 

  • If it is only on the soft water that is affected, try putting your softener on by-pass or call your plumber. This is the most common poor-pressure issue. 
  • If it is just your hot water that has low pressure, contact your rental water heater provider and have them assist you. If you own the water heater you will need to contact your plumber directly.
  • Check your water valve to be sure it is fully open. If you recently had plumbing work done, or haven't checked your valves regularly, it is possible that a valve may have been left partially closed. This valve is usually located where the water enters the house.
  • If the issue recent and your neighbours are also experiencing low pressure, it may indicate a possible watermain break or another issue. Check our  website to see if there is a watermain break in your area. If you do not see any pressure-related issues listed, please call 519-741-2529, and select option 3.

*Please note, should Kitchener Utilities be dispatched for a water-pressure related complaint, charges will be billed to the owner should  an investigation of the issue result in findings of internal neglegence or poor maintenance.