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For homeowners

What is a water meter?

A water meter device is fitted to the water pipes serving your home to measure the volume of water passing through the pipes. The meters are read and you are billed for water and sewer consumption based on the readings.

All buildings connected to the municipal drinking water system require a meter.

How to read a water meter device

Most homes in Kitchener have an outside reading device to allow meter readers to obtain readings without having to enter your home or business. To obtain an accurate read, it is best to read your meter that is normally located in your basement, or where your water service enters your home.

  • When reading your water meter, read left to right.  The first five digits are before the decimal point, so they are the most important figures to record.
  • If you have a newer water meter with a solar cell on it.  You will need to use a flash to shine light on the solar cell for the read to appear.
  • If you have a flap on your meter which covers the read area, please remember to close the flap to ensure the battery does not run out.

Older remote models have a digital reading as shown in the examples below, however the digits on this type of remote may malfunction over time. This can result in low consumption readings, which do not match the readings on the inside meter. If you have this type of remote at your property, please compare your water meter reading to your remote reading periodically, and contact the City of Kitchener at 519-741-2450 if they are different.

The attached brochure offers further tips on how to read your water meter.

Photo of an outside water meterPhoto of an inside water meter

If your home or business has the newer style of remote device, as pictured below, it will not have visible readings. The meter readings are obtained from these devices by using specialized meter reading equipment.

Photo of a new style remote

If you are planning to install a fence or gate, call us first to discuss options for meter access. For more information, visit our meter access webpage.

Why do we have a remote dial or touch pads on the outside of the property?

The water meter inside the building is sealed and is the only device that measures consumption.  The remote dial or touch pad is located on the outside of the building so that we do not need to enter the building to read the meter.  Both the remote dial and touch pad devices simply read the water meter.

Can water meters speed up?

Water meters cannot speed up because they cannot physically measure more water than has actually flowed through them.  However, over time the water may wear down the meter because of friction, causing the meter to record less consumption than is acutally being consumed (this is always to the customer's favour).

All meters are factory tested for accuracy.  Over the last 20 years, the city has never experienced a case of a water meter over-registering.

The video below puts the idea that water meters can over-record consumption to the test.

Water meter removal

If you'd like to remove your water meter, please complete and submit the Water Meter Removal Request Form.

For contractors and builders

Request a water meter

To request a water meter, please complete a request form and submit by fax to 519-741-1082. Please allow two days notice when submitting your request. Someone will contact you when your meter is available for pick-up. Once your meter is available, it can be picked up at the Kitchener operations facility located at 131 Goodrich Dr., Kitchener (closest main intersection is Fairway Rd. and Wilson Ave.), between 8-9:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. 

A water meter will not be issued and the water supply could be terminated if this form has not been completed to the satisfaction of Kitchener Utilities. Please complete the water meter information form if the water service meets one of the following criteria listed below:

  • Is not an individually metered single family residential unit
  • The diameter and/or location of the existing water service is changed

Please contact the water meter shop at 519-741-2600 ext. 4537.

Properties requesting multiple meters/duplex

Refer to the Development Manual on the City of Kitchener's website for the requirements on properties requiring multiple meters/sub-metering.

Drawings for meter sets

Please refer to the Development Manual on the City of Kitchener's website for standard drawings for meter sets.

Policy on meter pits

Meter pits / chambers are not permitted in the city of Kitchener. Refer to the Development Manual on the City of Kitchener's website for more information and policy on meter pits.

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