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Repair and Maintenance

Kitchener Utilities occasionally will offer appliance service, when our team has capacity.*

*Emergencies will take priority as determined by the service team.

Request service for your appliance

The following items are a list of rates for maintenance services that are occasionally available through Kitchener Utilities.




During business hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Minimum charge (first 45 minutes or less)


Additional hour


After hours service

(evenings, weekends, holidays)

Minimum charge (first 45 minutes or less)


Additional hour


Call out (customer request for service when no staff are available and need to be called in)

*Depending on priorities, this service may not be available*

First 45 minutes


For each additional 15 minutes


Natural gas appliances safety check

Multi-point safety check includes:



1) Inspect and test all exposed gas lines for leaks

2) Test up to four gas appliances for carbon monoxide

3) Check and adjust manifold pressure in furnace

4) Clean and check burners and blower for proper operation*

5) Replace components as necessary*

6) Inspect physical condition of furnace and visual inspection of heat exchanger

7) Check the temperature rise of furnace during operation

8) Test all safety switches and limits

9) Run built-in diagnostics if available

10) Inspect compensate drain system on high efficiency furnaces

11) Inspect interior venting and outdoor vent termination for clearances and blockages

- Kitchener Utilities will warranty replacement parts for 1 year and labour for 90 days.


*Additional costs could apply, based on time and material.

Meter set charge





Programmable thermostat

Honeywell Focus Pro 6000


*Plus 13% HST.

For repair and maintenance of your appliances, please contact our service department at 519-741-2529 and select option 3.