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Meter Access

Safe and Accessible Meters

Meter readers come to read water and gas meters on a monthly basis. It is important for you ensure that your meter is accessible for reading at all times. Gas meters are usually located outside of the building. Water meters are normally located in the basement of a building and usually have a remote reading device outside.

Occasionally, natural gas or water meters can malfunction. Help us to detect problems early by monitoring your natural gas and water bills for consumption. Please contact us if your readings appears different (markedly lower or higher) than usual.

If you have a remote reading device, we suggest that you occasionally verify that the outside counter and inside meter are displaying the same reading. If there is a difference, please contact our office immediately at 519-741-2450.

Having easy access to your meters ensures:

  • Regular monthly meter readings and accurate consumption charges
  • We can perform regular maintenance on your meters
  • Access to shut off valves that enables us to respond immediately to emergencies, keeping your family and home safe

For more information about meter readings you can call the billing department at 519-741-2450 or email. If you have service related inquiries please call 519-741-2529.