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Call Before You Clear

Sewer Safety

Just like when you dig in the yard, before clearing a blocked sewer, you need to call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255. A FREE inspection will be done to ensure natural gas lines don't cross over the sewer line before you clear it.

If a natural gas line intersects with s sewer line, rotating equipment or water jet equipment used to clear a blockage could damage the natural gas line, causing natural gas to leak into the sewer line. This could result in a real and immediate risk to public safety.

Before using any equipment or attempting clear a sewer, call Ontario One Call for a FREE inspection.

The video below shows why it is important to call for a free sewer safety inspection before you clear a blocked sewer.

CALL ONTARIO ONE CALL FOR A FREE NATURAL GAS SEWER SAFETY INSPECTION before trying to clear a blocked sewer service line.

Ontario One Call   1-800-400-2255