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Rental Water Heater Buy-Out Option

Interested in keeping your rental water heater after your three-year rental term? No problem.

After renting the on-demand (tankless) water heater, or the tank-style water heater (with thermostatic mixing valve) for three years, you may purchase it at the applicable depreciated price.

You can make the choice to buy-out your rental water heater by calling Kitchener Utilities' marketing department at 519-741-2626. Buying out your water heater after your term ends means you agree to accept the rental water heater and any thermostatic mixing valve in "as is" condition, subject to the balance of any transferable manufacturer's warranty. You also agree to assume sole responsibility for the water heater and any thermostatic mixing valve and their repair and maintenance, and to pay the buy-out price when invoiced.

Some limitations may apply. Contact us to see if you qualify at 519-741-2626.