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Build with Gas

Building a home with natural gas

As a builder or heating contractor, you are looking to apply for natural gas installation on properties to be built, or to assist a customer in switching to natural gas. Please refer to the following documents that detail the steps to be taken when applying for a new natural gas line installation.

Please review the Conditions of Service document for all gas servicing, meter requirements, and billing information for new gas service connections and changes to your existing gas service.

Steps on how to apply for a new natural gas service.

 The commercial gas line information document or residential gas service information document will include information that outline the following steps:

  • Charges
  • Gas meter location restrictions
  • Steps for getting natural gas service to your project
  • Gas line application
  • Finalize grading
  • Mark meter location
  • Pre-construction inspection
  • Call before you dig
  • Gas service installation
  • Gas meter application
  • Gas meter installation and appliance inspection
  • Repairs to the property

Please note: due to the volume of gas service requests, the gas service installation is about six to eight weeks from when the application is submitted, and could take up to six months if on a regional road.

Please contact Kitchener Utilities at 519-741-2600 ext. 4214 should you have questions about natural gas installation or application process. To apply for a natural gas service, visit Builder's Corner.