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Investing in Infrastructure 

A safe and healthy city relies on strong, reliable infrastructure.

The below video shows why it is important to invest in our water utility infrastructure, so we can continue to deliver reliable service.

2017 utility rates story map

The story map below shows how investing in water infrastructure helps ensure service is reliable.

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Water infrastructure tour

In 2017, staff took members of council on a tour of some water infrastructure facilities to provide information about some of the projects and maintenance activities that support our water, sanitary and stormwater utilities. 

Special council meeting agenda

A map of the tour is included in the tour passport and postcards were developed to provide information about each of the stops on the water infrastructure tour.

Infrastructure replacement timeline

It's important to continue to invest in our infrastructure. Stabilization and capital reserves are depleted and not available to offset the cost of these utilities - nor is that a sustainable model. Reducing service levels will substantially impact the city and its citizens, through:

  • Increased failures - watermain breaks, sewer back-ups, increased flooding;
  • Increased costs - increased operating and maintenance costs on an old system, need for construction won't go away and construction costs will increase over time;
  • Decreased revenues - more watemain breaks result in water loss and, therefore, less revenue to the city for water that was never delivered to the customer.

Proactive maintenance and replacement of aging infrastructure is paid for through water and sewage rates, allowing us to deliver safe water.