Kitchener Utilities

New water, sewer and stormwater rates, effective January 1, 2020

Posted on Friday January 03, 2020

The City of Kitchener approved new water, sanitary sewer and stormwater utility rates during the 2020 Kitchener budget process.  The new rates are part of a multi-year approach to funding maintenance and long-term infrastructure replacement.  This is critical to delivering safe and reliable service to the community today, and for generations to come.

The new rates are:

  • Water $2.5045 per cubic metre - increase for average residential customer, $1.28/month (2.9% change)
  • Sewer $3.1546 per cubic metre - increaase for average residential customer, $2.02/month (3.3% change)
  • Stormwater $15.46 (For average residential customer) - increase for average residential customer $0.90/month (5% change)

The combined monthy impact is $4.20/month for the average residential customer.