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Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

For your convenience, a pre-authorized payment plan for your Kitchener Utilities bill is available. Make bill payments easy and convenient, while ensuring your bill is always paid on time.

The pre-authorized payment plan enables you to pay your utility bills directly from your bank account, without having to write a cheque, pay for postage, or worry about missing due dates.

There is no charge for this service from Kitchener Utilities, but service charges from your financial institution may apply. You will receive a bill each month showing how much you owe, and an automatic withdrawal from your account is made on the date indicated on your utility bill without you having to lift a finger.

How to Qualify

In order to qualify for pre-authorized payments, you must be a utility customer (owner or tenant) in the City of Kitchener, and your utility account is in good standing. In addition, you have chequing privileges at your financial institution (bank, trust company, or credit union).

How to apply

To apply, simply download the application form, and either bring a completed printed copy, or fax one to:

City of Kitchener Financial Services Department
P.O. Box 91113
Kitchener ON
N2G 4R6
Fax: 519-741-2751

Alternate formats of application available upon request

Making changes to account information

Once you have a pre-authorized payment plan in place, any changes made to your information must be submitted to the revenue division in writing at least TWO WEEKS prior to the next payment date.  To make changes to your pre-authorized payment plan account download our form.

Changes can include: . Change of address . Change of bank account information . Account cancellation *Please note: If your financial institution fails to honour a withdrawal from your account (your payment 'bounces'), you will be charged an NSF administration fee and late payment charge. If two withdrawals from your account fail to be honoured by your financial institution, the Revenue Division of the City of Kitchener may cancel the agreement.

If you withdraw from the Plan or your Plan is cancelled, any unpaid utilities charges become due and payable and are subject to the standard penalties.