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1. Who we are
2. Investing in our community

Who we are

Kitchener Utilities is a division of the City of Kitchener and is one of two gas utilities in Ontario that is municipally owned. For over 100 years, we have delivered water and gas services to our community.

Our core principles from 1903 remain the same; we are here to deliver reliable, safe services at a fair price to meet your needs. Our services include:

As a community-owned utility (owners are the taxpayers of our community), all profits go directly back into the community.

Investing in our community


A safe and healthy city relies on strong, reliable infrastructure. The City of Kitchener and Kitchener Utilities is continually investing in our infrastructure.

Without investment there will be:
  • increased failures of water main breaks, sewer backups and flooding
  • increased costs for operations and maintenance on old systems
  • decreased revenue for the city due to more watermain breaks and water loss
Your water, stormwater and sewer rates help pay for:
  • proactive maintenance
  • replacement of aging infrastructure
  • the delivery of safe water
  • protection or our assets such as parks, trails
  • protection against pollution

View the visual story map and learn how investing in water infrastructure helps to ensure reliable service.

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