Kitchener Utilities

Natural Gas Rates for November 1, 2017

Posted on Tuesday October 31, 2017

Kitchener City Council approved Kitchener Utilities (KU) natural gas rate changes, effective Nov. 1, 2017.

The rate changes are:

  • Supply rate decrease to 9.0 cents per cubic metre;
  • Transportation rate decrease to 4.5 cents per cubic metre;
  • For M1* customers, delivery rate decrease to 6.8371 cents per cubic metre;
  • For M2* customers, delivery rate increase to 6.4373 cents per cubic metre;
  • Ontario cap-and-trade rate increase to 3.8719 cents per cubic metre.

The combined impact of the rate changes are expected to produce a decrease of 2% or about $18 on the overall bill to the average system gas** residential customer consuming 2,100 cubic metres annually.

Kitchener Utilities' takes a disciplined approach to buying natural gas.  Our goal is to meet our customers' expectations by providing natural gas supply with stable pricing.  We do not make a profit on our natural gas supply program.  They are operated at cost.  Customers on our supply program (system gas) pay whate we pay our suppliers - without any mark-up or discount - and all our customers pay the same price.

*M1 customers consume less than 50,000 cubic meters of gas annually.

M2 customers consume greater than 50,000 cubic meters of gas annually.

**system gas customers are those who participate in Kitchener Utilities' gas supply program.  This is the default supply option.