Kitchener Utilities

Watermain/Service break 35 Water St S Update 3:50 pm Sat July 7th

Posted on Saturday July 07, 2018

 Water back on and repairs complete 

Location of break: 35 Water St S

Between what streets or addresses:  Charles St Wand Joseph St

Road closures: Road Completely Closed no Access

Status: Work is commencing


Instructions for residents:

Discoloured Water
The discolouration is from iron and manganese that are naturally occurring in the groundwater. When the mains are flushed or there is a change in pressure from events such as a fire or a watermain break; the iron and manganese that has settled in the distribution system can be stirred up. To eliminate the discoloured water you can turn on a cold water tap nearest your water meter and let it flush slowly for several minutes until it runs clear.

Milky water
If your water is "milky", it has air in it. You can turn on a cold water tap at the highest point in your home and again let it run slowly for a few minutes until the air is gone.